1.5 L - 12 PACK

1.5 L - 12 PACK Purified Water

We are dedicated to importing high quality beverages to distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, hotels, and businesses throughout the Caribbean.


At Caribbean Aqua we truly go above and beyond to ensure our customers experience that refreshing “crisp” taste when drinking a bottle of our water.


1.5L-12 PACK (Spring Water)

All-Natural Floridian Spring Water bottled at the source. This SKU is an alternative to the smaller "grab and go" sizes commonly found in retail. Adhering to the strictest USDA purification process, Caribbean Aqua 1.5L Spring Water is among the highest quality in the world. Coupled with fantastic packaging & design, restaurants throughout the Caribbean see exceptional results with this SKU.

Product Summary:

Designed specifically for on premise consumption our 1.5L Spring water exemplifies what it truly means to experience "Paradise In Every Bottle". Tourists and Excursionists alike, enjoy this size while relaxing on the beach with friends. Our 1.5L size is best suited for casual restaurant ("On Premise") accounts for lunch or dinner.

The 1.5 Liter size is perfect for the following applications:


1.5 L - 12 PACK


Experience paradise in every bottle when taking a refreshing sip of our naturally purified water.